Compared to $95
Linda 3.5ct CZ White Gold Rhodium Ring
Compared to $170
Avril 8.8ct CZ White Gold Rhodium Eternity Band
Compared to $95
Leandra 5.6ct CZ 14k Gold Ring
Leandra 5.6ct CZ 14k Gold Ring $39.00   Compared to $95
Compared to $60
Jacqueline Sterling Silver Pearl Stud Earrings
Compared to $55
Fifi 1.3ct CZ White Gold Rhodium Earrings
Compared to $110
Isadora 4.8ct CZ White Gold Rhodium Teardrop Earrings
Compared to $55
Kate 1.5ct CZ White Gold Rhodium Simple Necklace
Compared to $75
Mary 0.8ct CZ White Gold Rhodium Cross Drop Necklace
Compared to $50
Kerry 1ct CZ 14k Gold Pendant Necklace
Compared to $105
Gracie Chrono 14k Gold Leather Beige Watch
Compared to $135
Cristina 14k Gold Watch
Cristina 14k Gold Watch $34.00   Compared to $135
Compared to $95
Grey Mini Studded Wrap Watch
Grey Mini Studded Wrap Watch $24.00   Compared to $95
Compared to $55
Aqua Genevieve Infinity Scarf
Aqua Genevieve Infinity Scarf $14.00   Compared to $55
Compared to $75
Birdie Off-White Scarf
Birdie Off-White Scarf $19.00   Compared to $75
Compared to $60
Dharma Teal Infinity Scarf
Dharma Teal Infinity Scarf $15.00   Compared to $60
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